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What happens when two legendary companies work in unision, you are right a great product. Apple has decided to use Intel’s Silverthrone Chip in a number of its product set to release in 2008. Cnet News and other source reports that Apple’s 3G iPhone and Newton-like Tablet PC might use the Chip for the year 2008. This move can be considered Intel’s strategy to capture the mobile market of the world. Though reports are not yet confirmed it is widely believed that the Tablet PC might have more likelihood of having an Intel Chip and an iPhone might not.
According to a blog report in Cnet News, it is widely believed that the Silverthrone draws much less power and hence cannot be compatible with an iPhone, but Intel’s 2009 release of a chip called Moorestown might see Apple and Intel coming together on the mobile market.
Well I could only say that we need to wait for official sources to confirm the news and probably Intel might find a way to capture the mobile market in the year 2008 itself! But all said and done I am amazed at the Product line that both companies are planning for the year 2008 and 2009.

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