Navigating the Waves; The Savage Way

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Frank Savage: The name spells exuberance, confidence and most of all to navigate smoothly through life’s toughest challenges unscathed and glorious.

 We had the honour of having Mr. Savage visit our offices on 29th January 2013, a day which will be etched in my memory and the team of Market Simplified.

 A gist of Mr. Frank Savage, which I had got through various sources

Mr.  Frank Savage can be described as a global entrepreneur, Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and Director of many top companies, he is a yacht racing/Sailing enthusiast and has a  boat named after his wife ‘Lolita’ they have won many a trophies together.

 Mr.  Savage had a very humble beginning, taking inspiration from his mother who seeded the idea of enterpreunership, being an enterpreuner herself.  It was by his sheer grit, determination and wonderful insight into the world of business that he had risen in heights in terms of his career beginning from his first banking job at Citibank to his present position of the CEO of the his own venture- global financial services company Savage Holdings LLC.

Mr. Savage’s rise from a humble beginning to the present status can be captured in his book called” The Savage Way:  Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life” It is a very powerful memoir of a business leader.

 He held various positions in his period which included being the Chairman of Alliance Capital International from 1993-2001, being a Board member of Qualcomm Inc., LP Lockheed Martin Corporation(my favourite company as they are the creators of F16, F22 and F32 fighter planes and of course the most famous F177 Night Hawke among the other stuff they do in Space and Defence). Currently Mr. Savage is the CEO of Savage Holding LLC and in the board of Bloomberg apart from being the Trustee Emeritus of John Hopkins University and Director on the Board of Arab Banker Association, North America.


Thabo Mbeki (the successor of Mandela as the president of South Africa) asked Mr. Savage to join the International Investment Advisory council to help AFRICA as a nation to attract foreign investment.
Throughout his career, it is insightful to see that Mr.  Savage never lost the purpose while achieving the bigger things in life, he never lost the opportunity for the betterment of his community nor to take pride and draw lessons from his mother. 


The visit of Mr.  Savage and his interactions with the Market Simplified Team helped us to understand two things, never forget your purpose, your past and always begin your journey with the utmost confidence, like you own the world.  I guess these messages were given to us Loud and Clear by Mr.  Savage, it was a very interesting evening with a lot of discussion on Mr. Frank savage life, lessons and of course his recent visit to the pink city(Jaipur) where he had come for the literary festival.

Frank Savage visit

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