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Hi there! U guessed it right! I am writing this from U.S of A. Guess with so much going around this country it is only obvious I am all excited. Yeah I am talking about Bobby Jindal being the first Indian-American to be elected as the Governor of Louisiana. Of coursed the U.S Dollar hitting the record low and Iran causing concern has put the U.S in spot.

Well I guess we can keep the economy for the later part. Now let me talk about our travel and experience, ‘ours’ as my wife viji accompanied me. Of course I am treating you to pics. from my trip. So here goes.

We took the Jet Airways from Mumbai to Newark, and man was it an experience! I was bowled over by the food, interiors, seat and great service. Jet Airways at its best as always! I was proud to fly the brand new Boeing 777-300ER of Jet Airways.

Our stop was at Brussels which was about 2 hours. I must say that Brussels has a beautiful airport; I then took a 7+ hour’s flight from Brussels to Newark, my first entry
point in the US!

Newark airport was full of surprises; they had announcements in
Hindi in the customs and immigration area! And Indians to welcome you
and guide you! I was in doubt if I had landed right 

Then we experienced what we were long expecting and it happened near the baggage trolley, I had to pay $3 for a trolley! I do travel a lot and never had such an experience; but then what can you expect from a ‘capitalist’ economy. Of course I did not have a choice but to pay.

If we thought this was surprising then there was more, we took a continental airlines flight to Chicago, the flight was delayed and so had to wait a long 4 hours in the
liberty international airport. The reasons for the delay; captain hadn’t arrived yet, and then bad weather in Chicago. I believe the previous day lot of flights was canceled. Then at last the plane moved out of the terminal but then we were parked in a hold area as were waiting for clearance to take off. It was an endless wait for about 45 plus minutes. Now I lost count for how long we waited in the terminal!

Landing in to Chicago was one of the worst I have seen with super bad
cross winds. Then , my baggage didn’t arrive…..I was informed that I
have to come back in about 2 hours and check, as my baggage
was coming in the next flight, and didn’t have any choice but to thank them for their service.

I know that flying in the US is really an awful experience but
never thought that everything would go wrong in one go. Believe me Asians coming to US will first find that flying is equal to going in a town bus. It will be a cultural shock that from the aircraft to service here will be below standards! You know what is the best part is we just get peanuts for what we pay……literally ladies and gentlemen just a pack of peanuts for a 2 hours full service airlines flight!

Anyways I am staying here at my cousin’s place. I got adventurous after I landed and decided to self drive a car to commute around. I learnt how to use GPS, fed the
address and kept following what the GPS says, and viola I reached my
destination! SUPERB…..this is really so convenient. This for a change was good experience and driving in the US is such a song.

For car enthusiasts, I am currently driving a black Pontiac 2008
G6; cool car will update the pics also.

I just got over Jet lag without any problems. Really can’t
figure out how though!

Went to Sears towers yesterday, just drove down to Downtown, again with
GPS. Now I can take anyone to any where guys, I know the US (as much as
the GPS knows US 😉 )

If you are thinking ‘wow’ what an experience, dont be! I am living life ‘Inxs’

That’s all for now…it’s Sunday, not decided what to do… have to get
ready for work for tomorrow….will keep you guys posted.

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