More spending, more acquisitions!

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We were talking about video advertising by Google the other day, now here is what Microsoft plans to do, according to sources, it is all geared up to acquire a company called Third Screen Media, the announcement is not official yet, but looks like the talks are on. Some of the major clients of Third Screen Media are USA today and the weather channel, impressive! But why is the acquisition, well it was Third Screen Media that was used by Microsoft for Wireless advertising through mobile phones, and what better way to expand. Now Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the race of online advertising, already google seems to have taken the cream of the market with the help of its video advertising on the net. Microsoft wants to plunge deeper and get to more people and what better way than mobile phones.

The fact cannot be denied that mobile phones have become an absolute necessity in today’s world, advertising and expanding the market through these wireless technologies is only logical. But what about the consumers, I get irritated when an unrelated advertising splashes all over my net! So the only way not to irritate customers is to text SMS or better still announce contests, by which the consumers get familiar with the brand and are inquisitive to take part. By acquiring Third Media, Microsoft will have a greater hold on the advertising displayed and the reach it has on the target customers. Well we need to wait and see the outcome of the acquisition; if at all Microsoft goes public about it.


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