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How the world has shrunk ! Have you ever wondered how a 130 billion dollars would look in the palm of your hands ? Well we just painted that picture .. It is the new MarketSimplified mobile that shrinks the stock markets to size of your palm. Have you ever thought about a scenario where you can decide on your investments in shares or simply ask some basic question regarding stocks or companies while walking, in the bus, or in a train (without a laptop).

We are glad to present to your Market Simplified on a range of smartphones . It has some amazing features like a simple interface that answers fundamental and abstract financial questions, comprehensive alert facilities, fundamental data , rich charting and market news .

Complete portfolio can also be maintained and monitored. It provides you analysis on the stock and can provide information that would help you answer questions like’if you should buy apple or Microsoft’.

This application is also available on Motorola verizon, Nokia N series, and Windows Mobile.

Market Simplified will make your life simpler, easier and richer. Welcome to the world of Market Simplified at

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