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Microsoft has urged its users to work on safe mode while working on its word 2002 and 2003 model. Word 2000 is safe. Because of targeted attacks the word is becoming more vulnerable. Microsoft has asked its users to take care while using word like restraining the use of word as an email client and open word in safe mode only, this would reduce the vulnerability of the word to the intended attacks.

Well another news involving Microsoft isclose home. Microsoft is trying to market PC;s to the developing economy under the phrase of “pay as you go“ method. This is based on the pre paid sim card for mobile phones. Seeing the number of prepaid card holders Microsoft has introduced this strategy, such that the consumer has to pay when he starts using MS applications and tends to pay more when the use is more. This is designed to increase the sale of PC and to see to it that most of them are in use of a PC. What a noble gesture!


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