Microsoft making waves.

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Microsot’s Corporation has launched Halo 3 video game, which seems to have surpassed some of the major earners both media and online. Halo 3 has recorded an earning of over $170 million, has surpassed $59 million of the movie blockbuster Spiderman 3 and Halo 2 earning of $125million in its first day of launch. The users are finding the game more intrguing as ever and is based on the fight betwee Humanity and aliens. The backdrop and graphics seems have made the users glued to their seats.

This profit is necessary for Microsoft’s investor and has given a year round profitability for the company. By launching Halo 3 on XBOX, Microsoft seems to have lifted itself up and above Sony (who were considered as the erstwhile gaming inventors). The two ways in which XBOX and Halo 3 seem to have overridden the others are the cost and the graphics.

Do bear in mind that it cannot be considered as a casual game and is targeted at professional hard core male audiences. Well Microsoft sure seems to have made the investors and the shareholders happy.

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