Meeting with Mr Murali of Businessline

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Yesterday was really a day for me to remember in life. First time I went to a press office, yes none other than our good old Hindu building (Kasturi & sons) one of the oldest building on the Mount Road….ok Anna Salai….wanted to go back to history calling it Mount Road. This was for a meeting with the Dy Editor Mr D Murali. Must tell you that he was one of the most positive personality I have met in life. The purpose of the meeting was for Businessline to do a feature on INXS, if found interesting. I cant promise if it was interesting to them, but it sure was an awesome experience for me. It started with him listening to what we did and our idea of changing the world, then we moved on to have lunch with all his colleagues in the Hindu office. Again one of the best corporate lunch places I have been to. Have to learn a lot from them. Got to see the who is who of the writing world.

The highlight of the whole meeting was Mr Murali handing over a questionnaire with about 10-12 questions to be answered in 2-3 minutes max. It was like asking questions to myself for the first time and bringing the answers out of my heart, things like who is the teacher whom I admire the most to what makes me think I am a leader. In my view I think everyone who wants to be something meaningful in life should answer these questions in life. After I answered these questions, the first thing I felt like doing was to go back to my school and meet the teachers who made me in to what ever I am today. Thanks to them for everything and thanks to Mr Murali for bringing my memories back.

It really makes me wonder how an organisation runs for 100+ years and the best part is successfully keeping pace with the latest trends though sticking to their values and culture. Great going Hindu family. You sure are an inspiration to me.Thehindumountroadmadras1944_4

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