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To add to your Monday morning blues are the not so good figures of the U.S Economy.

Ending speculation of who would occupy the house, the Democrats won the majority. But more than politics it is the Federal’s decision which shapes the economy. As you people know, and as I had reiterated last week, if the trend continued, then U.S has to increase the rate to curtail the inflation and to cushion the downward trend in the economy. As a matter of common sense you and I know, that it is the onset of shopping season, and obviously the consumer index has shot up, helping the economy a little, well to give you exact figures the index has increased by about 9%. Coming to hard figures the Dow Industrial average is about 5.13 and that of S&P has increased by 5.27%, well not a very impressive figure!

Some of the positive sides of the economy are the increasing consumer price index, stability (as of now) as far as the politics is concerned and the major part being the decreas of the oil prices by about $1.58 per barrel bringing the price to $59.58 per barrel

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