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This time its is market watch in the U.S guys, let us see how the ecnomy has fared the week that was! (last week). The U.S. economy does not seem to be really good much against the analysis done by market watchers last week. As far as the tech. side of the market goes, there seems to be a real down fall. The chip makers saw a downward trend, as the Asian market demand for the computer spareparts went sliding down (guess we people must really be picking up as far as self sustainencein the hardware side is considered). Ok let me give you some stats. the Dow Jones Industrial Average seems to have fallen down by 73.40 points. The S&P slid down to about 0.9% (not a very encouraging scene guys!)

As far as the economist are concerned they feel that the U.S economy can come to a balance when the consumer spending is reduced and there is more of Capital Spending by the industries. This actually could lead to a stop gap in the rising inflation and increase investment activity. As far as I can see if the trend continues and according to many analyst in the U.S are concerned the U.S. economy can slip into a recession in the second half of 2007. Guys let us wait and see how Ben is going to save the situation.

We need to see if the ‘capitalist’ heed to the advice of the market watchers and try and save the economy from possible recession!

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