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In the week that was, the market was not at its best.

There were many factors that pushed the market down especially S&P and Nasdaq. The reason was not due to one industry or factor, infact many reasons played spoil sport to the market.

One of the earliest contributor to this downfall was the Iran conflict due to which the crude oil price shot up(with the situation proving to be tense, not much hope on the oil price coming down). As far as real estate was concerned the Beazer home was under fire for alleged fraud practice. As far as the tech. market was concerned, DELL’s confession towards accounting malpractice proved costly and the shares fell down to 22$. Ben’s quote about ‘non promising’ trend in the market plunged the market further.

As far the news was concerned the market did take the plunge but it is not the ‘Cannot help’ situation help and positive news are awaited to turn the situation around.

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