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Guess I have not been giving you people much news on the market, but as results have started coming in for the fourth quarter, let me produce the results, as well as some analysis.

For one, as the economy(U.S) is towards the end of the fourth quarte, the results seem good. S&P have recorded a 10% increase. The news is good as far as the basic materials and telecommunications are concerned, if anyone of you guys have plunged into the market, then you have made your mark. But the analysis is that the market would not look so promising towards the end of the year. The reduction of the crude oil prices by about 13% has helped the market to grow. But the greates t disappointments has come in the form of the Fed’s(hey I guess ben must be facing lot of frowns) that is because, the interest rates do not seem or show any sign of reduction. Well to put it in layman’s language, when the rates fall, borrowing becomes cheaper and more and more business men and houses can invest in the market. But looks like ben is not giving way for that, probably in fear of the increase in inflation rate (hey he has his own reasoning!). Analysis is that the U.S dollar might slip down in value when compared to other currencies in the later part of the year. Well I guess I would dedicate the next article on the Asian and South East Asian markets to see how they are faring.

Well that is the Analysis as of now folks, so make hay while the sun shines is the moral of the story

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