Making Power Point presentations look lively

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I believe that imagination and creativity can lend a hand in making every day, mundane things look beautiful and lovely. A small change can liven the place up and make working merrier and happier. Who would not want to change the every day chores a little so that they could go about their jobs happily? I suggest that everyone use their creativity and imagination to their daily work and hence help increase their own productivity. Well an article on the wired magazine, exactly viewed my thoughts and I have given my own version of the article.

Power point has been the medium of presentation the world over for some time now. Be it the boardroom or any other seminar hall, power point presentations are the one that dominate. But has the power point software in itself being itself used to its maximum. Some might say that it has been, some might differ that there are various potential of the power point, which are yet to be used. Whatever be the case last week a group of people had gathered in the University of California at Berkley’s Pacific Film Archive and had provided their own artistic version of using the power point. Many ideas and concepts were used in this gathering, making the presentations more lively. Some of the concepts chosen were also quite interesting like” Here’s why Jesus Wisdom is much greater than ours”, etc. This seminar hoped to give an insight into the various manner in which the power point can be used. This seminar offered a new twist to the other wise dull presentations used. This seminar also bought into the focus how interesting seminars can be made with imaginative and optimum usage of Power Point.

Be it Power Point presentation or general day to day procedure, I believe that everything should be viewed in a different and livelier perspective, which would make even the mundane every day work to be interesting. Small things can make things look lively and happening, like the different bright coordination of paints used in offices. There are very few work places that still adopt a dull and grey atmosphere. There are ways that even the most serious of workers can use their imaginary skills to make his or her project look lively and colourful, I cant think of anyone who would restrict the use of imagination to make things like more interesting and lively. Believe me this could increase productivity!

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