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Yes this seems to the motto of Charles Simnoyi, whose Intentional software’s latest release help in writing programmes! Yes one has to just lay down few paremeters and viola it will write its own code, apparently no programming skills are necessary. I was as appalled as you are when I read about this in Business 2.0 magazine in an article titled ‘What’s Next’. The advantage of such a software is to make the experts much more innovative and leave the programming to the software. What’s more one can see the resulting software immediately.

Simonyi’s greatest hits as titled in the article are the worlds first graphical word procesor release in 1974, MS word in 1984,MS Excel in 1985 and the latest is all set to create ripples in the IT world. According to the article ‘Intentional technology caters on the Domain Workbench, a human language and graphically friendly representative of the software.’ Apparently users write directions on spreadsheet, flowchart or even forms to describe what the software has to do. But as Intentioanl attempts to patent its product many are skeptical of this move, in this age of opensource.

But whatever be the shortcomings or hurdles that Intentional may have to face, I beleive it is a great technology breakthrough which would save time and would help in channelising the professionals skills in a more defined way.

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