Leopard facing a problem

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Yes, it looks like those who attempted to upgrade to Mac OS X faced a ‘blue screen’ after the installation process was ‘supposed’ to be completed. Tom Krazit in his blog in CNet News has observed that a view of the Apple’s discussion forum also confirmed the news about the Blue screen which many users had to face while attempting to upgrade their software. or in other words the Mac screen would ‘hang’ on the initial boot screen. Apple has observed that the problem might be due to “application enhancement software” and the problem might have arisen due to the ‘Unsanity’s APE Software’. BTW Unsanity develops software to customize the look and feel for MAC users.

Apple has also admitted that the problem might be before Apple had installed Intel chips, but many deny the claim saying that it affects other wise too. Therefore Apple has recommended two solution for the problem one is for the novice and the other for the little experienced. The solutions are to ” Archive and Install” method and the other is to use the ‘command line’ respectively. But if the problem persist it is recommended that you visit dedicated Apple forums!

Well guess Apple has to deal with its teething problem before leopard can be analyzed for its features and usability; till then there is no choice but to watch and wait for more development on this front.

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