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According to Mr. Donn Szaro Global and Americas Director, at Ernst & Young, low innovation cost has propelled India into a big IT boom, he stated that low innovation has made investments in India quite worth. But low cost of innovation alone is not enough to bring about a big change in the IT industry; it is necessary that the other factors also contribute to its growth. According to my opinion, it is the Government policy, private sectors and the bulk of the Indian Intelligentsia’s who can make the difference. It is not just enough that low cost and low labour cost alone lure Investors to India. It is of utmost importance that India has good Infrastructure facilities and good policy to attract more and more investors in this field. Well we could already see the changes in the infrastructures facilities in many southern states, and is quite welcoming. It is therefore up to the Government to bring about a less stringent and more investor policy to India, this is possible only with high stability and confidence that has to be generated by the Indian Government.


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