Is there a relationship between tech. Start boom and real estate?

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Well if there is, then it looks like both tech. Start boom and real estate have indirect relationship, yes there has been increase in activity of the Venture Capitalism and tech start in the Silicon Valley. But there seems to be no takers for the property around Silicon Valley? Now that really is concerning. Some of the places showing these phenomena’s are that of Santa Monica and Los Altos, California. The occurrence of such a lopsided development might be due to the fact that even though there are no takers for homes in these places, the prices have dipped slightly but the interest remains high! Due to which the EMI for these places are obviously high! And another reason might be that even though VC’s and tech start up companies might be on the rise, the money is not flowing that ‘freely’ as of now…now I guess that once a venture is started…we need to wait a while for the money to really pour in. And with so many tech start up’s on the block…one needs to really wait and see the returns for their investments. So my guess is that situations might really start improving in the real estate after a while.

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