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We really had a great day out on 28th September 2008. It was a day that none of us could forget. I for long had wanted such a get together for INXIANS & and of course the families who had been a very important part of INXS. Product launch came as a big reason for this awesome outing.


Fisherman’s Cove in ECR was the destination and we couldn’t asked for more. What was unexpected and which eventually led for more fun and frolic were the rain! The dark clouds initially looked like they could prove to be spoil sport but must have heard us cursing and it had stopped raining as abruptly as it started to leave way for a beautiful weather which was great for a beautiful evening and night!
The families had great fun together with lots of games organized on the beach and in the banquet hall. It had started with a game of cricket for our men folks, not be chauvinistic here, the women choose to play volley ball, not the beach one 😉


The game of identifying the animals proved to be hilarious when each of us trying to prove our worth or what we were to the audience.


There was ‘Antakshari’ which bought into forefront great singers in the form of Kumaresan and Ramya (wife of Admin. Vijay). The games session ended with ADZAP and ‘Know your Spouse’ with kudos to Praveen and Smitha for product planning (which was quite expected of him!) and Smitha respectively.


“Johnny Walker’ was a great product Praveen (hehe what else) and we had some great ‘Walkers’! I must say. Smitha’s enactment was really natural and great. The best couple who were viji and myself (never had any doubts about it!) and of course Praveen & Smitha was a great revelation to many of us. Sorry if ended in brickbats at home for some 😉

It ended with Cocktails and Mocktails and of course some great food courtesy The Taj, with the children finishing off the ‘natural juice’ sources at TAJ.

So with our energy revamped, refreshed and raring to go for the rest of the months. Here we are back to work kicking ass! Great Going INXS .


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