Investments -India Vs. China

Posted by | May 26, 2008 | blog, Entrepreneurial | One Comment

Red herring’s Ken Schachter has written an article comparing the Venture Capital Investments in India and China. According to the article investments in China has gone up to more than 46% while in case of India it has dropped to around 81%. Accordingly investments were poured to the tune of $719 million into china which is a 46% increase than last year. Start up’s in India got around $99 million in around 16deals which though might look like a good figure is actually around 27% decrease than last year. The area of investment in both the countries were consumer/business.
In case of China, the highest investment was in case of ‘skyflying media’ for outdoor advertsing. One trend which is quite surprising is that all investments seems to have made to already established or matured industries which seems to be making revenue or profit!

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