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I found this article in the Indigo Airlines Inflight Magazine, today morning on my flight. I must say that it was quite inspiring and hence decided to share the same.

Pursue Your Passion: you will get where you want to be

Have read many inspiring stories in my life. This probably is more
close to me probably because this story ends ( our hero continues his
journey in real life though) with aeroplanes !

Captain Jasvinder Singh:
Passion was flying and he starts his journey at the National Indian
Flying Club, Ludhiana. His adventure starts right after he gets his
flying license. Scarcity of pilot jobs in our country took him to
Canada to become a computer programmer ( probably it was a means to
reach Canada for him ), as luck would have it, computer jobs also were
scarce after a recession struck the year he passes out in Canada.

This is where the interesting part starts. He takes up driving Monster
Trucks to support himself in Canada and travels the entire length and
breadth of North America including Alaska.

From being a truck driver, he becomes a Train Driver in Toronto city.
What a change ! This time he hears about the booming aviation industry
in India and immediately flies back to India to pursue his passion (
Flying ).

Now he is an Airbus 320 Pilot with Indigo Airlines in India.

Should say it was a journey he can really be proud about, while he
will continue inspiring many youngsters. His journey continues, just
that his machines have been different each time.


Happy Flying Capt Jasvinder



Thank you #indigo6E for all the inspiring people you nurture and recognise in your organisation 

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