Indian Airlines waking up to reality.

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Following the price reduction in flight fares by Air Sahara and Jet Airways, Indian Airlines has also announced reduction in its flight fare services. The names by which these reduced flights fares are known are, ‘Fly select fares’. In case of Jet Airways it is called as ‘Check Fares’ and ‘Steal fares’ for Air Sahara. The idea behind these reduced fare is to attract passengers to select routes which are usually ‘not filled’. The new rates are as follows; Bangalore-Delhi is Rs, 5800-Rs7100, Delhi-Mumbai, 3200-3700 etc. In this type of ‘fly select fare’ services, the three airlines would not require the passengers to buy the tickets in advance but rather tickets would be available on the traffic of the passengers for that particular flight. Well at least the public sector is waking up to reality and are offering better services!

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