India and China compete for Investments!

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Let us look at an interesting fact. This news definetly lifted my spirits a little and hope we make more progress.

Asia as a whole has taken over Continental Europe, towards Investments of people residing outside their country of origin(Expats). Internaxx had conducted this poll. Of the total Expat investors who were questioned on their Investment details, 37% seems to have access and information to Asian market and 33% to that of continetal Europe, the rest taken up by the United States and United Kingdom. The reason might be attributed to that of exposure to the Asian Market, knowledge of risks present, transparent Government policies, information on Corporate Governance might be attributed to such a shift. Of the percentage of people divided in investments in India and China, 42% have invested in China and that of 32% in India. only 6% opted for Russia, due to lack of transperency in their Government policies.

Any ideas on how the difference of 10% between India and China can be made up, I have and would continue to hope and write through my blogs as to how our outlook and performance can definetly grow towards this change.

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