INDIA all set to get connected

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Bharti Broadband Network or BBNL is poised to grow in a huge manner by the next year. Ashok Juneja, while talking to economic times, is confident that BBNL would capture 50% of the Internet market in the coming year. This has come in the wake of laying the i2i submarine cable from Chennai to Singapore. He also mentioned that the broadband width capacity would definitely double from one gigabyte. The factors that, BBNL would be concentrating on, would be to ensure a one point of contact, and of course would strive to reduce the cost of laying Internet facilities. Mr. Juneja also feels that the IT ministry is looking into ways of improving the efficiency as far as the broadband is concerned, the reason because IT is largely dependent on the broadband facilities and it would help the sector once the broadband facilities are easily and cheaply available.

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