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Best in Industry Streaming Engine for Brokerages

About MSXtream

MSXtream is a reliable, high performance and low latency Realtime Streaming solution. With a benchmark of an average 10Kbps bandwidth, for a Nifty 50 Watchlist on Mobile during peak hours, the solution has helped Brokers reduce the Bandwidth and Hardware costs by up to 75% during the pandemic and help them scale by more than 100% seamlessly.

Challenges Addressed

  • Scalability issues during peak hours
  • Unstable price updates or missing ticks
  • Unreliable on mobile networks, network switching
  • Opportunity loss for Customers due to unstable/unreliable updates
  • Unwarranted price throttling on mobile networks
  • Pull preferred against Push for updates
  • Battery drain on Mobile and subsequent heating up
  • Huge hardware and bandwidth costs

MSXtream by Market Simplified can help you overcome all the above mentioned challenges and aid you in offering superlative customer experience

MSXtream Features



  • Event-driven architecture

  • Non-blocking Asynchronous I/O

  • Built-in Compression and Conflation

  • Graceful handling of TCP Congestion

  • TLS Support

  • Adaptable delivery of Incremental Updates

  • Low Latency & High Performance

  • Low bandwidth utilization. Best in Industry

  • Reliable Performance on 2G

  • Horizontally and Vertically Scalable

MSXtream Advantage 



  • Massively Scalable

  • High Performance for Frontend Channels

  • Improved Customer Experience

  • Live Monitoring

  • Cost Optimization for Bandwidth

  • Cost Optimization for Hardware Resources

  • Cost Optimization with reduced Support queries

  • Packet Processing Latency under 70 microseconds

MSXtream Product Cart 



  • Exchange Broadcast Adapters


  • MCX

  • Standard OMS Feed Adapters

  • Application Server for Realtime Streaming

  • Application Server for Delayed Streaming

  • Documented SDKs for Swift, Kotlin, React Native & Flutter

  • Documented SDKs in Java Script for Web

MSXtream Benchmarks 



Benchmark of average 10Kbps for Nifty 50 streaming in Watchlist

Reliable performance in 2G Networks

Benchmark of average 18Kbps for Indices, Nifty 50 and BankNifty Options Chain

20,000 connections in Single 16 Core, 32 RAM Server at 10Kbps at 25% CPU
52,000 connections in Single 16 Core, 32 GB RAM Server at 10Kbps at 60% CPU
2,89,000 connections at peak in Six 16 Core, 32 RAM Servers at 10 Kbps at 60% CPU

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