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MSDatalytics offers a comprehensive suite of multi-asset models built on robust technology, to offer timely, accurate and consistent analytics. Aptly suited for the ever changing capital market landscapes, MSDatalytics delivers the fastest, reliable and extensible analytics which can provide precise results even while analyzing the complex portfolios.

Why MSDatalytics?

  • Fusion of 15+ years of experience in the capital market space transformed into a cutting edge analytics engine exclusively for the capital market
  • Follows the DNA of Market Simplified’s solutions by being robust, scalable and resilient
  • Customizable engine that helps you gain a competitive advantage
  • Real Time analytics engine that scores high on performance, making sure you make the right call at the right time
  • Continuous upgrades to the product making sure it stays relevant and updated with the changing market trends


MSDatalytics by Market Simplified is an insightful tool which offers great value to traders, investors and researchers alike. The robust architecture and reliable analytics engine makes MSDatalytics a hassle free analytics tool.

MSDatalytics Highlights



  • Multi-Asset Support

  • Accurate Analytics

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • Real Time Price Analytics

  • Open and Extendable

  • Scalable Architecture

  • Seamless Integration

  • Reliable Performance

MSDatalytics Screeners 



  • Bullish Breakout

  • Bearish Breakout

  • Golden Crossover – Bullish

  • Golden Crossover – Bearish

  • Bullish Momentum

  • Bearish Momentum

  • Intraday Traders Delight

  • Price Volume Breakers

Market Analysis



Top Gainers (Daily)

Top Losers (Daily)

Top Gainers (Weekly)

Top Losers (Weekly)

Most Active Volume

Most Active Value

52-Week High/Low

Top Gainers – Stock Futures

Top Losers – Stock Futures

Most Active Stock Futures

Most Active Index Futures

Top OI Stock Futures

Top OI Stock Options

Most Active Stock Options

Most Active Index Options

Long Build Up

Short Build Up

Long Unwinding

Short Covering

Put Call Ratio

Index Rollover

Highest Rollovers

Lowest Rollovers

Sortino Ratio

Sharpe Ratio

Treynor Ratio

Jensen Alpha

Beta Ratio

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