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Carrying Forward 15+ Years of Legacy

MSXtend by Market Simplified is a revolutionary product which aims at offering performance, reliability and scale in solutions which cater to the specific requirements of brokers globally. With the experience of catering to various market expectations, exceptions and achieving scale, Market Simplified has developed MSXtend to make seamless experience and performance readily accessible and affordable.

What Makes MSXtend Your Preferred Choice?

Market Simplified worked with a leading bank in India to transform their highly paper intensive, manual and cumbersome SME lending process into a highly streamlined and digitised process delivering superlative Digital Customer Experience across channels. The efforts resulted in a reduced turnaround time by more than 50% for SMEs.

Supported Integrations

MSXtend is compatible with 63 Moons, BSE BOW and Refinitiv backends. Industry best experience of Market Simplified in integrating seamlessly with third party systems would offer intuitive experience to your customers. 

Native Mobile App



Offer speed and better user experience with MSXtend’s Native mobile app. The app is user friendly and highly secured.

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