Increase in demand for a different kind of sales personnel

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According to the wall street journals, the demand for online ad sales people have increased with the increase in the number of online based advertisements launched by the likes of Google, Yahoo and eBay. With the recent partnership entered by Yahoo and eBay(seem my article dated 27.5.06), the market is looking forward for more demands for the online advertisement sales people. Though the advertisements are online, yet many feel that sales people add that personal touch and person-to-person response is always greater, this is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in the demand for online advertisement sales personnel. The demand is being compared to the dot com boom, experienced some time ago. But the class of online advertisement sales people is not new, they were present before, but due to lack of demand had chosen a different profession, well those who remained dedicated to their job have found their results with increased demand and increased remunerations for these personnel’s, yes they seemed to be paid very high price. The high remuneration is because of increasing demand but a very limited number of well-qualified personnel’s.

Well according to me, unlike the dot com bubble, the demand would not burst. This looks there would be a steady requirements of these personnel, and more and more people getting would be qualifying for the same. This seems to be a new market for the human resource agencies to harness. Source:

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