In spite of the Gods…..

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My uncle (father’s younger bro) gets knocked down by a bike coming in the wrong direction in Adyar when he was crossing the road. He had a severe head injury and the bike guy didn’t even bother stopping to see what he had done to a poor sole who was just crossing the road. Worst his wife (my aunt) was crying for help and two responsible citizens arrive at the scene and relieve my uncle who was battling for his life of his mobile and purse and run away. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of in my life

What country are we living in!!!! Where are all the values which our elders used to teach!!!

Edward Luce’s title was apt for our country ” In Spite of the gods”…..In spite of all the gods our country is growing up with hooligans like the two guys my uncle was blessed with after his accidents…Even God cannot save us I suppose..


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