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IBM has really diversified its activities. If you have been a regular reader of my weblog you would know the various ways by which IBM has been trying to improvise itself. Well the new technique followed is through Security System. IBM has cojoined the development of this system.

The Smart Surveillance System or S3 as it is popularly called is now available in the mainstream market. The areas

where they are now used are at supermarkets, at airports and even grocery store. But guys if you are smart enough you would recognise the real purpose behind this (IBM of course does not want to specifically admit this!) but if you have taken a wild guess then it is for border security. Of course with the present government facing all sort of border security problem as far South America is concerned, there could have been no otherbetter product or time for IBM to bring in the S3. Now guys that is what is called as good market strategy!

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