Human prototype and its use in medical science

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“Hunter, director of the Bioengineering Institute in Auckland, New Zealand, is an expert in biomechanics and in computational physiology, an emerging field” goes the introductio of Dr.Hunter, who with his team of qualified professionals have come up with the most ‘out-of the’ approach to treat human sickeness. For example, a doctor while examining a patient takes his blood pressure, DNA profile, CT scanning etc and feeds the data into his workstations, the computer does a quick runthrough and builds a ‘software prototype’ of the patient and comes out with the nature of sickness, not only does it recongise or diagonise the sickness but also provides the various cure for the same. For example if radiotherapy or chemotherapy is suitable and sustainable for lung cancer for a particular patient. This might look light straight out of a science fiction movie, but this is reality. Though the entire processing of the bio mechanics and putting together the computational physiology might take about a couple of years time, this is reality and is here to stay!

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