How to protect your system.

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According to an article written by Walter. S. Mossberg, in the Wall Street Journal, the windows is under a lot of threat due to some software inefficiency of Microsoft. The solution he provides is that one must opt for Macintosh PC and its software. Well mulling over this I feel, that it is not that easy to come across a user friendly version than Microsoft. That at least is the reason why it has such a powerful reach globally. Accepted that due to some technical snag, a hacker could easily penetrate into the software and create vandalism. But there are remedies available for this through firewall software. As Mr. Mossberg himself says, in case one is using a broadband services then it is better to install Anti Virus like that of Norton Antivirus and all necessary precautions like not opening an e mail which looks suspicious or seems to carry any of the messages, for which alert has already been sent out etc.

It is true that Macintosh may be quite strong against various kinds of virus, but I feel that Microsoft has its own positive side, and it cannot be dumped altogether, I am sure many of us are used to the Microsoft software. The only remedy is to be careful and be on a look out and sure the good people in Microsoft would do their duty and try and make Microsoft a much stronger and impenetrable software for viruses. Till then take care

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