How to make your brand known.

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As seen and heard, marketing an Indian Product abroad, requires a lot of patience and perseverance and above all that a good marketing strategy with good research activity. One should always go into depths of the research and find out what is that the people out there need and expect from India. India has a ‘developing economy’ tag to it which may make many people hesitant to buy goods from India, but with all these troubles there are still some brands which do good overseas. This is called as the brand building strategy. Once your quality is established, then there is no looking back. But in today scenario India has to compete with the likes of China, whose goods are flooding the market, even in India. What is it the strategy that Indians need to export? Indian companies need good backing up strategy with good investments and sponsors who are willing to come forward in activities that can add value to the products. This is important in any country. We would have all heard about the ‘Brand equity Fund’ developed by the Indian Government to help all those who would want to export abroad. The main reason for this fund is to get over the initial difficulties found in the marketing of the products abroad. But to get a loan the exporters must convince the bankers or investors about the need to export, the strategies they have adopted to market the product, further investment sources etc. This applies to all sorts of goods, consumer, technology based e.t.c., Therefore other than investment backing an exporter, a strong market condition with even stronger brand building strategies must be adopted. In my consecutive articles I will discuss about technology and knowledge transfer.

Source: Indian economic times

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