Honey, we shrunk the world!

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We have heard about multinationals, but what about Micro Multinationals. Yes this is a reality, and they been around since the late nineties and early 2000. With the growth of technology, mushrooming of such enterprises was inevitable. Though I cannot offer definite definition for Micro Multinationals. It can be meant to be those, which goes global right from the start. Such multinationals might not bear the big names like ‘IBM’ or ‘HP’ but they are present globally and work with employees around the world. So you might ask what is ‘micro’ about them! Beats me too! But I guess that growing within a small span of time and yet not belonging to a major corporate house might have lead to the coinage of such a term. And of course they could have started up as any ‘garage’ enterprise.

Just the other day I was discussing about the various technologies add on’s that giants like google, Yahoo are into. And also about business and advertisement through Internet. This might be an extension of those articles, but of course with solid examples. Thanks to the magazine Business 2.0, I was able to gather some data. Interactive web pages like wiki and Voice Over IP like Skype providing the breeding ground for such micro multinationals, it is of little surprise that multinational companies stand at the staggering number of 60,000 from that of 30,000 in 1999 (U.N. Report). Citing the examples from Business 2.0, the two companies that have made it big using the many advantage of the ‘Broadband’ are Sonoa and Sundia, while the former is IT based with employees concentrated in Bangalore, India and Silicon Valley. Sundia is fruit and juice enterprise started by Mr. Oberwager who can be termed as home entrepreneur, as he works from his hometown in the United States and has a pulse on his entire work force working all over the world. Another pioneers in this field seem to be Niklas Zennstrom and Jano Friis, who started the Internet file sharing system called ‘Kazaa’ in 2000. Well are you people taking guess on what it is worth now, well hold your breath it is a whooping $2.6 billion. The most important Micro Multinational tool kit according to the magazine are (a) Voice Over IP. (b) Instant Messaging like Yahoo, MSN, Google talk, (c) Wiki (d) Pair of good speakers phones, (e) Online Meeting Service like Goto meeting, but it can prove to be costly if not used too often the other is the free collaboration Hive services. I guess the magazine has put forth all most all the services that are available online in case of interactive sites. Of course, the good old conference calls still hold good in most of the cases.

Hey just I had predicted through my earlier articles, the world is becoming a smaller place to conduct business. With the availability of broad band services and jet’s it is no matter a concern as to the place of work, be it a beach or home or a restraunts, what today’s start up founders need is quality and time frame, which is met by employees irrespective of their place. One advantage of having employees all around the globe is cost factor (though it is not the only reason) and the time frame within which the employees are able to deliver their expertise.

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