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No sooner had the festive airs surrounding INXS since its last award function had faded, than it is time for the award function ceremony for the May 2006. We at INXS simply love this, because it gives us great pride to see our group striving hard and outdoing each other in their efficiency and dedication.  As the basic protocol at INXS we strive for excellence and expect other to follow the same.


We also feel that those who strive to take us to greater heights must be aptly rewarded, and that is why we take this opportunity to reward our outstanding employees.

We take great pride and pleasure in announcing Udayasri as our “Most Valued Software Developer” May 2006.  Taking this opportunity we at INXS greatly appreciate Udayasri’s effort. Udayasri was one of the first employees to join the INXS family, and taking her task seriously has single handily and efficiently lead our ‘Palm Development Effort’.  Kudos and three cheers to Udayasri.

Another one of our most valued employee is Kiran, who has won “Most Valued Rapid Application Developer” Award for May 2006.


Though Kiran has undertaken her first active development role with INXS, she has proved herself by steering towards the right direction.  Achieving the milestones in time, she has created a niche for herself.  Good going people!

We also take this opportunity to applaud the entire team at INXS for their best efforts and endeavour to make INXS a rocking success! Let us cheer on this occasion. HIP HIP HOORAY!  to all the INXS members.

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