Halo is here!

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The final part of the trilogy which was started in 2001 will now be officially available for sale on Tuesday. Yes as the gaming community is waiting with bated breath for Halo 3, the latest video game to be released, there are rave comments by the first time users, saying that it is one of the best and it was so good that one could buy XBOX just for the game. The device itself cost around $280 to $450 dollars as per the features required.

Of course it is not all great news for Microsoft, some feel that the ‘titles’ were not upto the mark and the behaviour of some computer controlled enemies were not very realistic. Criticisms is expected in any release, but the postive features seems to have overpowered the negative traits and the entire package is designed in such a way that any gamer would find his favourite in it!

To take away the monopoly enjoyed by Sony seems have been Microsoft’s motive. Scoring a perfect 10 in one of the leading gaming magazine, Halo seems to have fulfilled its promise! So gamers have much to look forward to, and so does Microsoft.

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