Google to go ahead with online video advertising.

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As you people must have already read in my recent articles about the plans that Google has, to increase its online advertisement, here is the latest of what Google has to offer, Google is going to show video advertisement on some of website that is supported by Google. Now don’t groan and say more advertisements! What google has to offer makes more sense. According to the articles in Reuters, New York times and, Video advertisement will appear in a small corner of the web page and will run only when clicked on it. This method is adopted so that consumers don’t complain on advertisements that spill all over the web page and cause irritation. Such a type of video will run on the pay-per-click basis for Google. So who benefits from this video advertising? According to some analyst and according to Mr. Gokul Rajaram of Google both a small industrialist to the top one can take advantage. For example if a small entrepreneur already has a video of his business say, his restraunts, then he can send the small video clip, which is uploaded the first day and can be viewed the next day. Also the big fish in the industry are in advantage while using the method, they can use it to see the pulse of the consumers, and change the outlook or the content of the video depending on the consumer’s response. This type of advertisement can thus be used by many as a preparation, before they are advertised through Television. This saves money and ensures good response.

Well it is a long way for google who had first started out with static text advertisements on its web page. This online video advertisements are priced by auction basis, the highest bidder gets his chance to advertise. This advertisement may be featured in one of the web sites supported by google or may appear on search engine when relevant keywords are entered. Good news is that you can start viewing video advertisements from this week.


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