Google lends a hand in fighting Bird Flu.

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The bird flu virus, which has many parts of Asia, Africa and Europe in its deadly grip and has claimed 120, lives so far. It is heading to North America via the migratory birds. The flu might affect the United States later this Year. Experts like Ms. Davison is using Google Information System to try to curtail the problem, the GIS as the information system is popularly known helps the team of experts to identify the number of commercial farms, poultry feeds and other farm related industry. By combing the GIS along with Google earth, the number of poultry farms the area around the farms can be easily identified. In case of any reported incident, a team can be despatched immediately to curtail the spread. Where it could have taken many hours or days to identify a farm, it is now within matter of seconds that the affected area is identified and experts dispatched. This new virus, a H5N1 strain is kind of a flu, that has affected many birds including chicken, and this way has found itself into humans too. This infection is expected to spread to parts of North America through the migratory bird, which fly from parts of Asia to Alaska, this summer. Though no incident has been reported so far, the expert’s team is keeping a vigil with the help of the Google Network.

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