Give Life Chennai Marathon 2009

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Honestly all my expectations including the weather was INXS 😉 during this year’s “Chennai Give Life Marathon”

Starting with registration and medical test which was mandatory for all half marathoners, everything was organised really well.

Registration/ Medicals:

For Rs 100, your value for money what you get –
– medical test for all half marathoners
– if you are above 35 or your BP or Heart Rate not satisfactory you will be asked to do a ECG
– if ECG is not clear you get a Echo
– your marathon registration
– water at all water points
– some points had glucose as well
– finish point had cold unlimited butter milk (very thoughtful)


Medical Test

Dont want to write on what could have been better, as there are enough blogs and articles talking about this. So let me take this only on the positives of the marathon

The day:

I think this is the best weather Chennai could ever have. Never thought I would finish the half marathon, with all the lack of practice for the last 6 months. But the weather was the best inspiration for me apart from our own Chennai runners, Hari with a broken finger, Senthil with all his “walk the talk” ideas, Hariharan, the marathon chaser (also quoted by NDTV) from Hyderabad (amazing inspiration for everyone)

At the Start Line

Chennai marathon start

Chennai Runner at the start line

Chennai marathon start

Oath Taking:

Oath Taking before the marathon

Running with Harishankar (broken finger), Hari (marathon Chaser), Senthil (all rounder), Bharghav ,the newly wed runner 😉

Running with Both the GREAT Haris

NDTV interviewing Chennai Runners

Chennai marathon 09

NDTV Interview

Running Saint (Saint who runs or Runner who happens to be a saint !!!)

Running mahatma

Overall it was fun and I enjoyed every minute of the run. Ran for health or charity or just for the heck of it end of the day all of us were happy, thats more important…

Thanks Shankhar Lal M Patel for the pictures
Thanks Chennai Runners for the awesome inspiration and great company.


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