Fund Flow!

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You know, I have always been surprised at this concept of ‘Brain Drain’ that the cream of the layer are working for ‘foreign’ nations and not for the motherland (but ofcourse the scenario is reversing now!). But the ‘surprise’ element is due to fact, that these people who find work and settle abroad do infact contribute to the development of the economy through fund flows, in the form of goods, foreign exchange and phone calls!

Well as if to confirm my thoughts, a recent study evealed that in the year 2005 the immigrants world wide sent around $230 billion home and of that $167 billlion wen to the developing countries, this amount actually exceeds the GDP of the country of Siapore. These Fund Flows are int he form of Direct flow of goods, travels (foreign exchanges again) phone calls and other form of exhcnages. Another piece of news is that Expatriates are also a major investors in venture capital firms and private investors in their homeland….hey everybody does contribute to their motherland whether in an active or passive way!

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