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As the week began, the Kabali fever started to spread like wildfire on the work floor. If you are wondering what Kabali is… it’s a newly released movie of Superstar Rajinikanth. The key symptoms of the fever are as follows:

  • Randomly uttering “Neruppu Da”, “Kabali Da” and other Rajini dialogues out of the blue.
  • If you ask them “How are you?”, they would answer “Magizchi”
  • Put their coolers on similar to Rajini’s Style
  • Looking out for FDFS (First Day First Show) tickets, yes, the same thing you call as a premiere show.

As the movie release date drew near, the fever was bad and only seemed to be getting worse. In the midst of all this chaos, on a fine day, there came a mail from our beloved Ramesh Chari (a.k.a Corpo), Head – Corporate Finance & Account which put a huge smile on all our faces. I think Corpo secretly found the cure for the fever. Yes, all that mail said was, Market Simplified has booked tickets for all its 170+ employees for a First Day Show (FDS) on July 22nd, 2016 and to plan our work accordingly. That mail just turned the fever into madness and our design team quickly made a poster on it too. It would be a great fault on me if I fail to mention Muthu Kumar from our design team. In spite of a huge demand for the first day tickets, he somehow managed to get tickets booked for all of us. So, big thanks to him on behalf of all MSFers.

Madness Logo By : Thangapandian Poster By : Ramesh

Madness Logo By : Thangapandian
Poster By : Ramesh


The waiting made the 2 days feel much longer than they actually were. When Kabali Day finally arrived, the whole office seemed prepared to hit the theatre. A few of the ardent fans even wore customized Kabali t-shirts.

The screams of excitement were heard well before we were even let into the theatre. Once the movie started, the fun followed along. Once the dotted superstar logo was on the screen, the screams and whistles easily surpassed the theatre sound system. Irrespective of their age, experience and designation, everyone enjoyed the show in their own way. Dancing, throwing confetti made out of torn tickets and papers, throwing popcorn and what not, none of the 1st-day show element went missing.

It was an awesome experience to watch the movie with the entire team. At the end, everyone was MAGIZHCHI (Happy) cos Thalaivar said so. Once again, on behalf of all MSFers, I thank everyone who helped to organise this show for us. Working for MSF will always be magically in one way or another.

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About The Author: Gokoulane Ravi is a foodie, technology enthusiast, and a developer turned marketer with more than 5 years of experience in the space of mobility. When he is not working, he likes to read, write, run and cycle.

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