Foreign Policy for 2004

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The UPA Government has been, comprehensive and quite organised as far as its foreign policy is concerned. Some of the foreign policy included good trade relations with its neighbouring countries, and this is the topic that would be discussed in the SAARC summit in 2005. Indian Foreign Policy has been time tested as far as its relation to other neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other East Asian countries. It has adopted the “Look East Policy” and has had good relationship as far as U.S is concerned and has agreed on various sectors on a broad scale.

As far as the internal policy is concerned, it has tried to combine the workings of different departments in order to bring about stability and development within the economy. For example, the Ministry of External Affairs is working closely with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas for securing energy sources from different parts of the world, and thus trying to secure India’s future as far the enrergy situation is conerned. Thus Foreign Policy of the UPA government seems to have combined diplomacy with Pro Active policy and thus bring about good coordination and working relationship with many countries.

All we can conclude is that by bringing about a very clear foreign policy, India has tried to ease various trade related issues, as well as internal issues. This inturn has helped in technology transfer and knowledge transfer, because of the various linient measures undertaken by India, travelling to abroad countries and working there has bought about good inflow of foreign currency. This holds good in case of technology transfer too, many a technology are finding its place in India from all over the world especially from China and the United States. Let us wait and watch the outcome of the SAARC summit to be held in 2005.

Source: Embassy of India-Press release 2004

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