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In my previous articles, we have seen about security issues concerning software i.e about hackers. In this article, I want to discuss about real time security i.e surveillance. In our everyday lives we come face to face with so many security cameras, in the grocery shops, at the traffic signals, in our office, in our clients office. Guess the only place left is the rest rooms …hey probably it is already there and we might not know it! Ok about the topic, we need to see what are the measures taken to catalogue these vigilance database.While this was running through my brain, I came across this article in the Red Herring magazine (again thanks to my reading habit!) it was about this security searching company called the 3VR (by the way it is one of the top hundred company listed by Red Herring magazine). The major function of 3VR is to catalogue these vigilance data and store them in such a manner that finding one part of them become easier. Head of 3VR, Stephen Russel feels that after increase in the security measures after the 9/11 incident and general increase in threat the world over, such a security measure has become important. So has cataloguing the same data and finding them when needed. It is for the same reason that 3VR has made it big and is one of the thriving industry. So next time you are starring into the eye of a camera think about the lives it would save.

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