Foes Become Partners

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You people must have heard the news about Microsoft and Novell joining hands together to provide the optimum Customer service. Well as far as I can understand it is coming together of properitory Operating System and Open Source code to provide the optimum benefit for both the Microsoft users and that of Suse Linux. Ballmer and Hovespian (CEO of MS and Novell resp.) have reiterated the fact that the coming togther of two different type of software was to help the customer to have a better choice.

If you ask me it brings advantages in the form of expanding research facilities, using each others technical expertise, cutting down cost, and of course to create a large niche market for both the products.

The Software giants seems to have made their goal to reach compatiability with each others products, apart from research on virtualisation and web services.

I feel this is one strategic move where both the software giants have come together to achieve a common goal of expanding each other markets and to bring down the overall cost. Well I think when the goal is the same foes eventually turn into friends.

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