Finally The Run

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Trust me this is the only sport I am in to now, so cant express how happy I am now after I could finish the ECR run (20 KMS Plus). Thanks to Hari my mentor, who pushed me and cheered me all the way and he saw to it that I finished the run with ease.

Started with we all meeting at the Dimensions Gym as usual at 3:45 in the morning and all of us headed to the ECR start point (Green Coconut resort). We were flagged off at 5:10, people who were to run the 30 KMS started a bit earlier.


The best part of my run was when I reached the point where we could see the see from the road and the sun was just raising. Nothing to beat this nature’s beauty. Thanks to our volunteers we had water points every 5 KMS approx, they also had 100 Plus energy drink which helped quite a bit.


When I completed my run, stop watch said 2 hours 20 minutes nearly with all my stops in between for water and drink and also at a shop for a banana. Pretty good I suppose for a beginner.


There were two kids probably in their teens, they also did the run in same time but BOY they ran 30 KMS like a bullet. Cant stop getting amazed by this. Wish they get all the support needed for having running as their career.


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