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I was both surprised and shocked to come across this article in ‘New Scientists’ December issue; this goes on to show that pre-flight tests needs to raise standards even in international level. It is reported that in March ’05 an Air Transat Airbus A310 flying from varadera, cuba to Quebec city, passengers were put in danger when the carbon composite rudder was torn off. When the matter was referred to the Transportation Safety Board or TSB, they came to a conclusion that the material used was at flaw. As many ‘aircraft’ enthusiast know the gaps in such cases are known through a test called ‘tapping’ or TAP test where during tapping, the different pitch sound gives an idea of the damage. But in this case nothing was found to be wrong during the ‘pre-flight’ tests. Additional information show that Boeing and Airbus rely on the ‘TAP’ test. Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 (due in 2012) are made of the composite material.

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