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In spite of the one-child policy in vogue in China, it still faces the problem of growing population. But yet the progress that the country is making is quite phenomenal. Technology wise China might have a long way to go but are sure heading in the directions. After the infrastructure support that the country provides, i am in awe of the means by which its people arm themselves for the modern world. According to blogs and reports especially by the ‘China Internet Network Information Center’ about 253 million Chinese were online in June, it even surpassed the number of Americans online on the same period.

“With the Largest Amount of both Netizens and ccTLDs in the World, a Big Internet Power Is Taking Shape

by the end of June 2008, the amount of netizens in China had reached 253 million, surpassing that in the United States to be the first place in the world. This is according to a newly released Suvery Repot by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).”

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