Facebook gets a Facelift

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Considering the privacy issues that haunt the many users of ‘Facebook’ , some radical changes have been made in the world no. 2, social networking site. Now there is an option that users can choose called as the “Limited Profile List Friends” whereby they can include the less intimate friends in the section. The ‘Friends of Friend’ list helps them to communicate with their friends friend and only those information that they deem necessary can be viewed by them.

As you can remember Facebook was started about four years ago keeping in mind the ‘American College Students’ but now after 67 million users of whom two thirds live outside the United States it is important for Facebook to maintain itself as the top ranked social networking site.

visibility and Privacy are the core issues which are the most important segment in any social networking site and by taking this step ‘Facebook’ has tried to solve some of the privacy issues raised by users.

It has to be noted that no third party application would be affected by these changes.

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