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Market Simplified, now empowers more than 20 financial institutions across the globe with the state of the art mobility solutions. Our solutions have helped our clients in driving their customer engagement, customer acquisition and customer retention via mobile and web platforms.

Smartphones have become a preferred channel for carrying out financial transactions. But, the scenario was not the same during the inception of the company in 2006. There were many challenges and roadblocks for us to overcome in order to realize our vision.

  • Transformation of Mobility Industry: New smartphones like Palm Treo 650, Blackberry and Windows Mobile were being released into the market. This created complexity for the developers in choosing their development platforms.
  • Industry Regulations: Financial Services industry is heavily regulated by various governing bodies across the geographies in order to protect the interest and data of the investors. It was a great challenge to design secure solutions that meet the compliances of the governing bodies and financial institutions.
  • Location: Being a small Indian company and targeting customers in most technologically advanced countries like USA and UK. The biggest challenge is to prove to them the potential of our solutions.

It wasn’t simple to overcome these challenges; we had to follow the below-mentioned strategies to be ahead and become one of the largest mobile trading platforms in the world.

  • Educate: Initially financial institutions were more skeptical about going mobile and invest on the same. So, we had to make them understand that it’s more of a tool to efficiently engage customers than just a technology practice. Because It’s very critical for our clients understand that enhancing customer experience is the way to drive their business in the future.
  • Assure: Security is a key concern to financial institutions when it comes to transacting via mobile, as it would expose their systems to vulnerabilities. It was critical for us to enlighten them more about our security practices and assure them that our mobile solutions are more secure than the existing web solutions.
  • Communicate: Working with customers and counterparts on the other side of the world is very challenging. Secure infrastructures on the cloud also enabled us to manage them from a remote location. We also easily communicate with our clients by efficiently utilizing technologies such as e-mail and video conferencing.

Here is our CEO, Mr. Venkat Rangan unfolding the journey of Market Simplified of how it grew from a small start-up to one of the most preferred financial mobility platforms.

 About Market Simplified: Market Simplified is a thought leader in handcrafting custom solutions by continuously innovating and simplifying finance. We have maximized the revenues of industry leaders like OptionsXpress (Charles Schwab), Currenex (State Street), MB Trading, Maybank Kim Eng, Kotak Mahindra Bank and National Stock Exchange of India by providing enhanced and sustained user engagement through Experience Engineering.

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