Effect of Emission

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The Blame Game should be over by 2030. Yes; United States and other economies were blamed for releasing harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and as having a major hand in the ‘Greenhouse Effect’. Consequently many steps have been taken to counter the effects. Also depletion of many natural resources almost forced the nations to adopt to a more cleaner and renewable resource. Residents of United States were always fearful of a change in lifestyle in the process of changing for a better environment.

According to a recent study by McKinsey has researched on the cost of reducing the emission. The United States could reduce the projected emission by 2030 without a major change in the lifestyle but only by adopting to a more cleaner and better option. The United States economy. It has also found out that 80% of such a change could be done from technologies already proven in the United States or elsewhere in the economy.

Thus a major change in lifestyle or a huge cost incurrance should not be a problem for United States to start transforming itself. Meantime I feel that such a report is only a boon for countries like India, who are on the fast track of development to adopt greener technologies initially such that a major transformation and cost incurrance could be avoided to a large extent. So start thinking and find out what can be done to change your lifestyle such a more secure and greener environment is given to our future.

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