Economy Watch-U.S. and India

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Well folks U.S economy is not painting a very rosy picture. As the market went sliding down. If you ask me, there are lot of factors, which attributes to the fall. Well for one the Fed. have decided not to increase the rate at all, the crude oil has jumped to $1.26 (approx), which stood at $59.14. The next important attributes are politics, well you guessed it right, what with the congressional elections coming very near, nobody wants to place the risk and hence investments have been down.

Well I can almost hear you guys ask me if there are any good news as far as the U.S economy is concerned, well for one the unemployment rate is down and the rates are not going any further up. Well these two factors are interrelated, well as far as I can see the Fed. cant think of cutting down the rates, with unemployment level falling and increasing labour cost.


As far as India is concerned, all is well and good. The Infrastructure (which I am most interested in) seems to have made a growth of about 9.9% from the 7%(approx.) growth achieved last year, well the biggest contributor towards this seems to be that of Petroleum and Cement. What is more the Highway commission is planning to rope in the best brains in the country through IIT and IIM to help the commission towards the infrastructure building activity (Am I glad!). As far as Foreign Trade is concerned, there has been a comprehensive coverage of product lines under the FTA (Foreign Trade Agreement). Well these are enough indicators to suggest that the economy is on its path to growth!

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